Amphlux - Exploring the many genres of heavier Electronica, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Tribal, etc.

Amphlux/AJ Whitehead of Kansas City, MO, USA has been writing, performing and producing and recording music since 1999. Amphlux’s drive to produce music comes from a desire to improve and learn combined with an interest in achieving a certain style or sound. The sound and style produced typically tends towards the harsher, quicker and more aggressive end of the Electronica genre spectrum.

If you are a fan of Dubstep, check out the track entitled Mercenary. If more laid back/less aggression is more your style, check out the track Crisis. Posted to this site is also 4 part extended track titled NOLMM which has strong elements of Drum and Bass as well as Tribal electronica. As well as the above, Amphlux is working on developing music for a fully VR video game soundtrack, so you can hear the gaming music as it develops.

Finally, full intentions are to keep this site updated with all of the latest releases, from singles to EP to full albums to VG soundtracks.

Amphlux will also be releasing Musicoin exclusives, with one already in the works to be released soon.

alt text

Amphlux/AJ Whitehead is the original and sole creator/composer/producer of every track posted. Amphlux only uses legitimate purchased software during production. Software used includes Reason 8 with several Rack Extensions including Ochen Glitch and BuffRe.

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