Hello to everybody

Well hello dear musicians, songwriters, mixing engineers and and and
Im so excited to be here. A friend of mine told me about this new site and I instantly wanted to try it out. In the next few weeks I`ll start posting a few of my tracks to see how you guys react to them.

Im a 23 year old producer from Zurich Switzerland and I mostly produce things like HipHop and Soul Beats plus some electronic type of sound like FutureBass or Drum n Bass.

The most important thing to me is your feedback!
So feel free to send me any type of comment that can help me becoming a better producer.

In 2 months I`ll start my Audio Production and Engineering studies which will hopefully bring me to a better level as well so I can provide you with the finest beats, rhythms and melodies.
Hopefully you like my sounds and for the start in this new community Ive put one of my new beats online for you to listen. The tracks name is Trumpets Trip and I hope you’ll like it 😉


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