Musicoin Exclusives

There’s been a lot of complaints about the amount of time musicoin’s been in Beta and the lack of features. If your not familiar with how websites and start-ups work I can understand that it’s frustrating.

Hopefully none of us actually started are music careers and promotions on musicoin, that would be even more frustrating. So while we wait for the updates keep it steady on your previous marketing strategies and music platforms. If you have a distributor like me your already on Spotify and the other popular music platforms so market those as usual. Market musicoin as well but don’t focus on it entirely while they’re still doing upgrades.

If your on soundcloud make sure your monetizing your tracks, if you are there will be a $ sign next to each track that’s being monetized, if you don’t see that than you didn’t join the monetization program, you apply, they review and email you that you’ve been approved.

But back to the title of this topic, Musicoin Exclusives, that’s gonna be what makes musicoin worth your while. On my page and Spotify etc. are the latter volumes of my “Duly Noted” series, volumes 3 through 6. Volumes 1 and 2 I’m going to reboot and intend to make them musicoin exclusives, those albums aren’t even online anymore and even if they were like I said they’re getting rebooted.

Be patient with musicoin. On a side note here’s a sample of Duly Noted Vol. 2 “Deep Cut Ft. Taylor Swift”, Bad Blood Remix, she won’t be on the reboot. Cut (Bad Blood Remix).mp3

I haven’t decided how much I’m gonna reboot the track itself as it’s pretty solid as is, I just kind of want vocals on it cuz they work well, I’ll have to see about a singer or grab some royalty free online.

Thanks for your post. I think we all know that musicoin is going to take a while before leaving the « beta stage ». The issue isn’t here, the issue is that we have limited or inexistant info on the whitepaper v3 and or roadmaps…if they were communicating on the project more often we wouldn’t complaining. I folklo up the project since nearly 6 months and beside the speaker and the upcoming hardfork the website itself haven’t change a bit.

I’m a huge supporter of the platform, either here on the forum or on Twitter/Facebook : giving info, debating etc… The project has huge potential but the lack of communication will turn down futur musicians or miners.

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