Collaboration feature

It would be neat if there were a “Collaborate” button on a user’s profile, which sends a request to the user that someone wants to collaborate. If accepted, there could then be a way to message the user and talk about the details(an in-page chat maybe?). There are some sites that are specifically for collabs that do exactly this, but they’re all very small and it’s hard to find people. It would be a big help for someone like me who does not know many others producers but still would like to collaborate. A message system could solve this too, but a separate “Collaborate” button would be an easier way without cluttering up messages. This would also be a way to have more content and active musicians on the site.

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Great idea


@kal This would be a very nice feature. . Hope we can get there!

Yeah That would be a feature I definitely would use as I do a TON of collaborations!

It’d be a decent feature, we don’t really need it though between on site comments and here in the forum, either through post or private message.

Oh my god…like it. We love to collab, so if any of you most excellent singers want to…

this is us,
How are ideas filtered upwards on Musicoin? or is this the place:)

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