Hello everyone. (I am Alex Iovita)

Hello everyone. I’ve been here, on musicoin, for about 1 month, and i think it’s time for me to say hello, and introduce myself.
I am Alex Iovita, also known(years back Copyleft), my real name is Ioviță Alexandru-Ionuț.
Since i was young i loved music, but never had the chance, money and opportunity to actually try and make music.
Back in 2012, when i was in college, frequently going to clubs, i thought i should try learn how dj’s work and what softwares do they use. I started by using “Virtual DJ”, and see how it works… it was fun, but while learning how to use it… watching tutorials and so on, i discovered that you can actually make music using complex softwares, and decided to give it a try.
After watching a lot of stuff on the internet, about music softwares and so on, i picked Ableton(Still using it, because it suits me), and gave it a spin. With the help of samples and loops, i actually made some tracks back then, and i was excited. While listening to them, and listening to other tracks all over the internet that was in the same genre, i decided its time to move on, try something new, learn how to do it from scratch, etc…
In 2014, i released my first album under a label,under stagename Copyleft called Orion(the album was totally different genre from what i was used to do) moving from drum and bass to trance was a huge step. The label was a wreck, i found myself with no money and no contact. Obviously i didnt enjoy it, but i had no chance since the label was located thousands of KMs away…
In 2015, i released my first EP under Alex Iovita called Infinite(contained 2 tracks, Infinite and Dreamcatcher)… apparently Dreamcatcher was catchy… and decided to make a remix competition… looking for producers that had the talent in them, 1 month later releasing a Dreamcatcher remix pack(both Infinite ep and Dreamcatcher remixes are still on bloody beatport… yet, for every sale… i received 0).
I’ve been off grid since then, releasing on soundcloud from time to time free stuff… joining remix competitions from time to time…
Currently as a full job i’m a pharmacy assistant, and when i have the time, mood, creativity…and so on, i go back to my “studio” and work a little… in the past month i’ve posted old tracks of mine, but also… tracks that are exclusive for the musicoin community, tracks i’ve been working on for the past 2 years… mostly trance and house, but there are some tracks from the drum and bass genre, that i work on.
I would like to thank everyone that had the patience to read this, cheerios.
That’s all for the moment.

P.S. : Here’s my page: https://musicoin.org/nav/artist/0xd834d5d766d4f5fcebf0abfd6be2265e6870c443

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