how to get verified after getting 1300 musicions?

my promo generated 1300 musiccions. what do I need to do to get verified.

Good question. The London based artist I sent to Musicoin was verified in 18 hours…

My artist was verified the same day.

@carlos-corona-jr-0 I have yet to be verified did you do anything special?


@bigchuda-general I just want to say I was inspired to see all the musicoins you got, and see an independent HipHop artist being able to top charts with MUSICOIN. I really hope this works out for you, and salute for giving blockchain music a chance. PEACE!

@khaiim thanks I really appreciate that I’m just trying tredding thru this is new to me and I’m trying my best to make it happen here thank you again this really means a lot

All good stuff, the MLK track reminds me of my old KRS-1 collection.


@bigchuda-general You received an email which explains why your account is not verified, we haven’t seen any history of your musical activities.


@aaron-summers That’s the highest compliment siblin! Do you have a music page on Musicoin?

Thanks for the reply and posting such an interesting track. I mine $MUSIC and pay the talent. You can see my profile here:


@bigchuda-general What’s your profile URL? Twitter/Facebook? you may write to to provide proof of musicians to get a new chance to be verified.

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