Playlists, Albums, Label Profiles

I believe these features are essential to a streaming platform, such as the Musicoin.

  • Playlists - there was a lot said about these already;

  • Albums - are similar to playlists, but the metadata is different, as well as some other features - as the ability to add a complete album to a playlist;

  • Label Profiles - I represent an independent label, and i am sure labels would love to create profiles on musicoin, with an ability to create artist profiles and add releases (as singles, EPs and albums, of course)


Hi all, I really agree with this idea of promoting label pages, with a direct link to artist page (exactly as bandcamp does), with the ability to edit certain releases, share a catalog, a store etc.

It would make sense regarding the whole philosophy of the $MUSIC blockchain : artists need independance, les intermediaries, more direct relationship with their fans, but they might also need the expertise of label (joining forces), and with every payement and transaction being transparent, it would give value to the whole ecosystem. I think Labels should be promoted here too, exactly as Bandcamp does.

I disagree entirely. Labels are part of the problem, not the solution. The real reason neither Spotify or Artists can make any coin with their art on such a platform is the exorbitant/rip off/ blood sucking royalty percentages paid to bloated, underachieving labels. There are numerous platforms involving labels. The point of difference here needs to be ensuring labels aren’t allowed anywhere near Musicoin

@catherine-fimmell I understand what you mean. And you are probably right. Or not. We are not starting that discussion now, right? Artists have their reasons for singing contracts.
But the main thing is that many artists, who are signed to a label (Major or Independent) will not be able to create their profiles. And even more so, to upload their music! Because, this should be handled by the label. But labels will be hesitant to create accounts until all the necessary features are in place and working.

@pamelahute I agree Pamela. I am an independent, but labels do a lot of the legwork for the artists. However, I kind of agree with @Catherine-Fimmell as well. This platform gives the musician total control. Although, as I stated, labels do a lot of the promoting for the band and as long as they don’t get too greedy and allocate the proper percentages, I am ok with that. As you stated, where every payment is transparent, an artist can see if their label is ripping them off or not.


@marcus-leblanc @Catherine-Fimmell Thanks to you both for feeding this topic and making the dabate really interesting.

As far as I am concerned, I’m really unconfortable with the classical opposition label - artists. Artists can do a lot on their own, but at some point a lot of them enjoy having a team behind them, in order to grow their audience, sell their cds, deal with logistics, pay for promotion, help them with decisions, put them in touch with producers, venues etc. I don’t think this artist / label war is relevant on every occasion. A lot of labels behave terribly, and this has to change, and all artists should fight for this to evolve, but some labels are definitely on the artists side.

Thanks to the blockchain technology, everything is transparent and with the smart contract system, it’s clear and public and everybody knows what your licensing deal is.
So why close doors? An economy works with a good share of value, and labels can play a part.
What if tomorrow a very cool or famous label shared all his catalog on musicoin, offering transparent shares to their artists on the platform? Why would we refuse that? Why exclude initiatives? I don’t like that. Labels themselves have to evolve and understand they need to change their ways. And they need to be part of the change.

Here is an example. I own my record label, and I release my work through the label, but I also work with other bands. All revenues coming from my songs streamed on musicoins are split 50/50 between my label and me, because that’s the deal I have on paper. Of course, I could keep everything for myself. But I actually like the idea that we share the revenues and the value, as stated in the contracts. It’s crystal clear.
And it’s also how the business will keep moving and growing. With those funds, the label can invest on new artists and keep the cultural world alive and thriving, discovering new talents for music fans.
I would never close doors to labels.

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@pamelahute I absolutely agree with you.


@ulter-ground I agree with your points and with how playlists would be similar to albums. Check the Embeddable Playlist BETA 0.4. This allows you to customize your own $Musicoin playlist.

As you mentioned, to create a streaming album page, you’d only add tracks from that particular album.

I would caution you not to add more than one album or playlist per page (even if embedding them in iframes) UNLESS YOU TURN OF the autoplay feature , by setting “preview=false to preview=true”. But of course then people would have to press play everytime a track opens which defeats the point of a playlist.

So there’s playlists and albums. In terms of the label pros and cons, I agree with a lot of what has been said here. Except I would also add the concept of the DJ as well as the Label.
In other words, someone OTHER than the artist who

  1. plays the artist music
  2. may get paid to play the artist music.

With the blockchain and musicoin, the artist gets 100% of their music and multiple artists can cocreate a track and share the profits with the click of a button (updating licenses is very easy). But as for people who DID NOT cocreate the track…

There are 2 interesting ways this is being answered on MUSICOIN already:

  1. On the Embeddable Playlist BETA,
    A. there is a message at the bottom which suggests a tip for the “DJ” who compiled the playlist.
    B. This allows the DJ to receive tips VOLUNTARILY and WITHOUT taking away from the artist’s play share.
    C. Every track on the playlist is also a clickable link that goes back to the artist’s page (rather than the DJ or Label page), so this allows DJs and Labels to bring views and plays back to the artist instead of going to a label or DJ.
    D. In this sense a DJ or label is just an entity that brings ADDITIONAL views and plays to an artist, not who gets involved in the percentages of the artist’s own play profits. UNLESS they are listed as a cocreator (like another musician)

  2. In the youtube video with Deadly Buda yesterday, he gave a link to a DJ BETA feature feature currently on MUSICOIN
    A. This allows DJs to receive 40% of play share AUTOMATICALLY, without effecting artist’s ORIGINAL track share…
    because the DJ track creates a NEW track which includes several other tracks in a new composition.
    B. Every artist included in this new track receives 60% divided among them, while the DJ receives 40%
    C. In this sense a DJ… or LABEL lol!!! is still just an entity that brings additional views and plays to an artist, without effecting the artist’s ORIGINAL track license profits.

I believe both of these options are healthier than the label arrangements of the past. Because LABELS (and DJs) are ONLY paid for the track plays that they personally and VERIFIABLY caused. Plays that did not come from the LABEL do not pay the label. Additionally, if an artist is discovered through the label or DJ, the listener can continue to listen to the artist WITHOUT the Label or DJ page / playlist / mix, or… continue to listen to the artist through the DJ or Label page IF THE LABEL continues to promote and make their page the most attractive place to listen… which IS ACTUALLY worth receiving compensation for IMO.


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