Vote for artist of the week- [WEEK 9]!

** Vote for artist of the week** [WEEK 9]

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Eduardo Tió
P Blasio
Nicky Havey
Flower House
Jon Magnusson

Always hard to vote for just one…

But this week’s goes to Eduardo Tio - great melodies, voice and I really like the guitar sound and playing.


These artist’s are awesome! How does one gain a chance to be considered artist of the week?


All artist are suuuuuper great! But I just have to vote for my man @Jon-Magnusson he deserves it, great guy and great music!

@zeljko-stanojkovski it has to be @JonMagnusson He’s just a great musician, friend and songwriter! His EP is very good listening too.

I’m so honoured just to be nominated for such a position! 🙂

Good luck @jon-magnusson Sorry Nick tough competition this week otherwise it’d be you.

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@gjart No need to apologise! It was a very nice surprise to even be considered with the amount of better talent that’s out there! Good luck to everyone in this week’s poll - musicoin ftw!

Voted for you @Jon-Magnusson , Close one with @Nicky-Havey-0 , and I know Flower House as well. Good luck guys!

Eduardo Tió, Flower House, Jon Magnusson are the best this week. How to choose?

Mister Havey has my vote. Well done to all considered though!


Flower House has my vote… Of course it’s all a matter of personal taste, all nominated artists sound fantastic imo… 😉 Just couldn’t get ‘Looking For Some Love’ from Flower House out of my head and that’s a great sign in ‘my world’… Great selection admins! And good luck nominees!! Cheers! Mar T.

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@nicky-havey-0 yo man what do you mean better talent? You are awesome! haha

Hi all,

Almost forgot to vote this week but glad I checked in as I would have missed Jon being on the list. All great talent as usual but i have to give Jon my vote, not only for his music but his support of new artists, his Twitter work and his support of musicoin. Feel bad not voting for everyone though.


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Hope to see you all there 🙂

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Jon, I am so sorry, it hurts me no being able to vote for 2 artists this week, so my vote went to Flower House!

@soundphaser I’m honoured to be considered for this and amazed by all the support. Thanks buddy!

@newen-x Haha thanks man - I just think there’s better talent out there but I’m grateful for being on the list for musicoin artist of the week 🙂

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