Musicoin Online Wallet Transaction History Not Working

Is there any plan to get the ability to see your transaction history up and working? The tab is the on the wallet Gui but nothing works (or at least mine doesn’t).

Doesn’t work for me either. Not sure if it will help, but have a look at

Thx for that. I was pleasantly surprised to find that up and working well. I’d like to see the transaction history tab on the main wallet UI actually working though. The functionality and user experience regarding the Musicoin site is the single most important aspect IMHO to growth and something I tend to focus on. There are a thousand Crypto projects out there and most will end up falling by the way side. At the end of the day it’s about the product. The product has to aim for continual improvement, in that regard it is no different to anything else striving for success, including musical ambitions/dreams. You have to keep getting better or you’ll get passed by.

@goose-s I agree - when the site is not fully functional it’s more difficult to ‘sell’ it to fans and potential listeners as well.

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