Once again I asked the question " When will you implement a playlist feature ? " In fact when will you be implementing any changes to the website in regards to new features , looks and a more stable music player. I have been an active member now for over 3 months and I am starting to lose interest in Musicoins if i’m honest. I also know that people are leaving because they can’t see any changes or improvements to the website. The guys behind the scenes always seem to be active on the currency side of things and I can appreciate there is prob a whole lot of hard work that goes into the blockchain/currency side of things but I think Musicoins are actually making a big mistake by not actively working on the website for its members.

I see the same ideas being mentioned on the forum , playlists , notifications , marketplace , a better player for twitter/facebook but I don’t see any responses from the tech team or admin guys as to if and when these functions will ever be added.

Cmon guys lets see some improvements or lets at least get a foresight into when things are going to happen. At the minute i’m scaling down my musicoin promotions until I feel the website has more to offer as a user.

All I can say is that all devs are very busy and that they are currently working on several projects including the website among the most important. I guess that we’re all waiting for a hard fork to happen before the new website come out.

@ivan yep, I think the same, and after Hard Fork we would see tremendous changes

If by hardfork you mean upgrade, I’ll be awaiting the unvieling. 🤘

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