Confused about everything now!

I signed up some time ago and uploaded one song, but was not able to get back until today. A lot has changed in the time I was away. Now I find that I must login via a social network, can’t login directly. So I clicked on the login via Facebook, and I find that I can’t log out. I also notice that I have received some money in tips, but I am classified as an “unverified” musician and can’t tip any others. What am I doing wrong? - you don’t have any tips on profile, so you cannot tip anyone

@metkraming just because the number says 0, it doesn’t mean he has no coins in his online wallet. Referal coins, tips received on comments are not showing up on the profile page. It’s basically only a counter of coins he would have earned as an artist through spins and tips on music.

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@neon-insect I didn’t say than he hasn’s coins. I said he hasn’t tip. And if you check his profile, there are only 2 posts without counters beside stars and no one tracks. So, I desided than he couldn’t tip anyone

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Yes @metkraming you’re probably right, but…

as @Neon-Insect said, 1. you don’t need tips to tip someone else you just need coins and 2. there’s LOTS of other ways @Jim-Swan might have coins in his wallet that we can’t see (mining, referral bonus, etc.) I think after a few days and some music added it will get easier for him PEACE

Hi Jim, I had a look on your profile just now, it is not showing any songs as being uploaded. Have followed you in anticipation!

@metkraming he could have at least 250 coins, by just having friends using his referal 🙂


@neon-insect so it’s like 50 coins per referral? I was wondering how I got all those extra coins lol! Thanks for the clarity

I just invited someone to join and i think i got only 2 coins… why is that? Salute fellas

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