As a new member I’ve just discovered something I think the team could look at if they can find some time to add to their list. The results obtained in the search bar for favorite tracks are inhibited by a restricted identification algorithm. If any song title has a grammatical punctuation (comma, full stop, colon, semicolon etc) in the title followed by other letters it becomes very difficult for searches to find it. Unless the searcher types in the exact title, with punctuation, it is not found. My first release is called Tomorrow’s Yesterday. I was brought up to use correct punctuation and there is a comma in the title as it is supposed to be there. However any average Joe searching for it will almost always forget the comma. That’s fine usually as other sites like Spotify, Cd Baby or Itunes etc disregard the comma when producing results for such searches. This gives the searcher the opportunity to see all songs that are close to that title and increases chances of finding the song they are after. This benefits everyone, the artist, the platform and the consumer. If someone searches for my song without putting in the comma, it doesn’t come up.
You don’t need to use my song as an example. The current 2nd position song in most played this week on the Musicoin main page is a song called 20:11. If people around the world were to suddenly get behind that song and started punching 20 11 in searches they will not find it here on Musicoin. Almost none of them will think to put in the colon between the numbers. They will just type 20 11. Try typing that in the Musicoin search bar and see if the song comes up. There are reasons the big platforms disregard punctuation when producing search result lists. Musicoin needs to do the same.
Any chance the search bar algorithm can be updated to ensure this is rectified?