Why was @darksidejosh banned?

Every time I read a post of his, I felt like it helped move this project along. Seriously, what gives? You admins drove away a positive force for this community. But that’s just my opinion… I could be wrong.

@ian-gallagher From what I read he was just a fan but getting involved in all the going-ons around here, looks like he was just trying to gauge musicoins value and mine, he also seemed to force extra work on Admin, they can only come around to answer questions when they have free time, the site’s in Beta so they’re doing developer stuff and whatever other business required to get the site and the cryptocurrency moving.

He was telling people to hound Admin, saying they have time to do all that and come here to monitor full time, telling people to send them emails for verification in which case they get to us when they get to us, not by email. He was basically trying to run the site, I don’t even think he was a fan since he said he was just around to spread information and help the forum community.

But he may have done something else, could’ve messed with people’s accounts since he was getting his own wallet through the app, could’ve harassed somebody on the forums, I just got a message like that the other night from someone.

But you shouldn’t blame Admin and say they drove him away, he must’ve done something.

He got involved when price was up to 0,12$ then price crashed. He told the community he lost 10k so he wanted to speed things up to recover his money. He was all like : awesome project, let’s rock etc… then he started to tweet people directly to get answers and start complaining about everything… in the end he got banned. He is an old marine with ptsd and bi polar syndrome. I found those info directly on his tweet and tweet feed/instagram. I’m not spreading BS. You can check for yourself. My point is that now is all about ARDOR, he seems that he is not reliable.

@thibault-shagersword That’s what it looked like to me too, that he was gauging Musicoin for it’s value, I don’t see how he could’ve lost 10k, and as far as war stories if it was on his Twitter I don’t believe it lol.

That clears that up. More regular developer updates wouldn’t hurt, though.

@Ian-Gallagher true

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