Just an idea of how to use youtube in favour of musicoin and artists.

Hello friends, i would like to share with you an idea i have.
I’m recording some original tracks in the studio with my organ trio, I’m also video recording the sessions… so…
my idea is that when ill upload the tracks to musicoin i could say or offer to the listeners that if they tip they could leave their e-mail so i can added it to the video recording of the session from the studio or the live performance that i have private in youtube so they can watch it as a bonus.
if musicoin would think that this is a good idea they could add a button next to the ‘‘tip’’ button that when somebody tips it would highlight and the listener would press it to leave his e-mail.
what do you think??? i would love some comments on this.
cheers from athens greece. 🙂

@asterios-papastamatakis Yes, capturing emails of fans would be nice. They could integrate with newsletter service providers like Mailchimp etc.


I think that’s brilliant, because

  1. compensating artists for music is just different from the old model of buying cds in general
  2. it encourages people on youtube (out of block chaing and crypto world) to pay attention to musicoin and start using it
  3. gaining qualified emails from qualified fans separates hobbyists from professionals like @Vidas-Pinkevicius said

I put in a post about this a few days ago, too - we need a button that we can link to a sign up page in Mailerlite / Mailchimp, etc for capturing emails, so we can build more of a relationship with listeners 🙂

Fantastic idea @Asterios-Papastamatakis !
I think that a button which could optionally capture the listeners email by the music provider would be awesome regardless of any type of bonus (offered or not).

@george-polyhronakos In my case, people who sign up for the email list get exclusive bonus items via the emails, so I wouldn’t need there to be an additional Musicoin-related bonus :0)


This thread is even more relevant considering the new policy that Youtube is taking monetization off of any accounts that don’t have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours viewed. I know that includes me
So if youtube is pulling away support from emerging artists MUSICOIN and these kinds of features you mention become more important

I’m waiting on my Steem account verification, so I can start a dtube account, so I can monetize my videos there. But wouldn’t it be great if we could post our videos on Musicoin to get spins as well!


@stoneygate Yes once I’m more confident about the MUSICOIN flow and community (AMAZING SO FAR) and staff (waiting on a reply to my last post), I’ll be posting links to my MUSICOIN music on Dtube and Steemit posts. Just like many artists post their itunes links in Youtbe posts currently 🙂

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