Hello everybody, nice to Musicoin you! 😉 Sorry if my question is a Boeotian one, but I’d like to know how we can help in providing the Musicoin blockchain with the highest efficiency in its daily tasks?

I’m refering to the fact that, as far as I know, being originally the same as Ethereum’s one, our blockchain has a transactions per second (tps) limit of around 15 (I guess this includes all kinds of interactions with the chain: tipping an artist, playing a song, leaving a comment, etc.), i.e. about 1,350,000 interactions a day (Ethereum blockchain´s current record is almost exactly this amount - “Highest number of 1349890 Transactions on Thursday, January 4, 2018” (from:

Prior to writing this post, I’ve looked for evaluations of how many “average” users that transactions figure a day would allow us to manage without any functional delay, but I haven´t found any. Are there planifications around this topic? And should it influence the pace at which we’re inviting artists to create their Musicoin profile and upload their songs (in my immediate circle only, I know of at least 5 of them, hehe).

Thanks in advance for sharing (“sharding” ;-)) thoughts and data on this topic! 😄