reward for social behaviour

not really sure how to realise it, but i would love to see some reward for social behaviour on this site… meaning a bonus for people who support others and not only themselves… maybe in form of coins for tweeting someone elses track/site or similar… any ideas or suggestions?

Making some positive post on Twitter handle and updates will give reassurance to the investor, I saw last few tweets are like totally diffrent post, pramote nagativism . Style of posting was not good. Giving feedback cause I care about music coin. Looks like everyone in social team went for weekend off after so much of activities last week.

Also come up with some good partnership and bring some big people on board like amabasdor world who would have big fan following , bring PPL from tech world to back it.

I have been posting all morning on Twitter … even got tipped by UBI$MUSIC for doing it. Keep the good word flowing and get more awareness for the platform. And hopefully the dev team will ramp up on performance. I think the potential for this site is amazing and will keep promoting it in a good light wherever and whenever I can.

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I saw last few tweets are like totally diffrent post, pramote nagativism . Style of posting was not good.

can you link an example? because i have a hard time understanding what you mean.


I agree @Marcus-LeBlanc we can model this behavior ourselves. And these conversations, will lead us to finding other music we like and therefore more activity and more positive posts and word of mouth.

so I agree with @vANdER-lAMP that positive behavior should be rewarded, but I also think that is naturally happening. For example you CAN’T tip yourself lol. So the tip is one form of proof that someone ELSE supports you and you support someone ELSE right?

The other thing we should be careful of is PENALIZING people who are using the system.
For example I’ve heard of people objecting to musicians playing their own music but

  1. Playing the music is proof of concept and proof of work related in the context of block chain. If someone misses out on all the other great artists here, because they just want to play their selves it STILL benefits the blockchain, and therefore it STILL benefits the sustainability of the coin, and… helps keep it here for those of us who DO want a more diverse mix
    (ALLof this activity separates our community from ICO fake alt goldrush coins and pump and dump schemes, who are just there to make money, and are far from having a site where hundreds or thousands - maybe more - of people are active every hour)

  2. The playlist feature being developed will help with this a lot. I predict that once embedded playlists are in motion, there will be a lot of people mixing different artists in to their daily musicoin activity (makes sense at least).

  3. We know that the server is probably taking more than the developers expected at first, because there’s often a few seconds of delay before an action initiates… OR you just have to wait a few seconds and try again. I think it MAKES A LOT OF SENSE to encourage artists to play themselves, while they’re testing the system, commenting, discussing in the forum and IMPROVING. This is beta… The last thing we need is a bunch of people to come over here expecting everything to be as seemless as spotify and tidal, because they’ll be likely to start complaining about musicoin and that won’t reward any of us hahaha. That would punish us all.

Anyway I hope you see, I agree with the intention, just being very specific about HOW we do and don’t go about it

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@marcus-leblanc agreed… will start doing this more frequently… 🙂

@khaiim you´ve got some very good points there… thanx for your detailed reply… 🙂 i agree that a rewarding system is definitely preferable to a penalizing one… i´m not a friend of penalizing in general…
i also don´t see a problem in streaming your own tracks from time to time… i would just be interested how admins see that… @im

and yes… playlists are going to be a big gamechanger… actually the most important thing atm imho… would also solve the problem of not being able to change your track order…
once again… thanx… love how specific you were about that… peace man… 🙂

@rajrockerstudio yes… i´d also be interested what you mean exactly… can you clearify?


@vander-lamp Thanks, I agree.

There’s actually 2 points about artists playing themselves.

  1. One of the reasons many of us make music is because we’re not hearing the kind of music we want elsewhere
  2. One of the reasons for playlists is to compel us to play other artists that mix together with us (whether sonically/ theme etc… you can’t really have too many playlists just with yourself on them lol)

Have you checked out my embeddable musicoin playlist beta? (it shows what maybe to come from musicoin devs)
I’ve been doing just that!
Mixing my music together with other musicoin artists and adding to it each day.

Here’s the beta

Here’s how it looks embedded on a website
(you have to scroll down the page, as it won’t start until it’s visible)

Here’s the post where I explain how to code it

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I post a LOT of pro $music information and links on twitter ALL the time. Please, check my post history! @of_beasting

call me an ambassador or a shill, i spread as much information on this project as i can get my hands on.


@darksidejosh you are awesome! Do you have a music page (I don’t see a link in your profile signature)?

@khaiim said in reward for social behaviour:

@darksidejosh you are awesome! Do you have a music page (I don’t see a link in your profile signature)?

i am not a musician, i am just trying to help out this community by spreading information.


@darksidejosh You are Awesome X2!!! Thank you brostar

This totally represents proof of sharism 🙂


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For real! In the traditional music business, an artist like me would have probably been attacked for helping to make a beta test LOL! Here I get to help contribute, and even get some friendly comments ☺ This blockchain tech scares people because it’s “tech”. But really, this is giving us an opportunity to be less disconnected and more humane - I LOVE IT! ☺

" Inspired by user-generated content, sharism states that the act of sharing something within a community produces a proper value for each of its participants: “the more you share, the more you receive”.[1] As knowledge is produced through crowdsourcing, this new kind of shared ownership leads to the production of goods and services where value is distributed through the contributions of everyone involved."

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