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Hi, lately I haven’t been receiving any email notifications about tips and new followers. I haven’t made any changes in my profile. Can anyone advise?


good quesgion @Soundphaser . I was wondering how we see the people who tip us? and the people who follow us? I want to say thank you and follow back.

I mean if you KNOW someone followed you, you can go to their page and see that they followed you in THEIR timeline. But if you don’t know, shouldn’t there be a link under YOUR tips and followers that lets you see… OR is it hidden to protect their privacy and keep follows/tips anonymous to a degree?

Thank you


@khaiim I used to receive email notification when someone followed or tipped me. I don’t know why I don’t receive notifications anymore and I have been tipped and followed in the past week… So I guess someone could take a look at this, as you said it is important. I too want to thank and engage with everyone that follows or tips me.

I don’t get the emails anymore either, however, on your main profile page, it does list there the activity for you. I know it could be cumbersome to scroll through, but the information is there.


Thank you @Soundphaser I agree.
Actually @Marcus-LeBlanc I do NOT see who tipped and followed me on my main page so it’s not a matter of scrolling down…

  1. I do see who I followed, and who I commented on, but…
    that’s exactly why I said IF I know who tipped me I can go to their page and comment, but if I don’t know I won’t be able to go see the activity (it’s a catch 22).

  2. I do see my NUMBER of tips and follows, but no link to WHO
    and no view of OTHER PEOPLE’s activities on my main page unless I REPOST or view conversation.

  3. One option is to do an advanced google search:
    for example
    "following self suffice"
    "coins to Self Suffice"
    but, that isn’t turning up all the results (I only get one for each),
    because Musicoin doesn’t yet seem to have a high google index search frequency
    I’m guessing this will naturally change in time, but it seems more direct to have musicoin just link to this info directly lol

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@KHAiiM … Apologies, you are correct. You have to go under each song to see who tipped you. A better solution would be either a “report page” that would list who tipped you. That would definitely help.


@marcus-leblanc aaaah thanks. I see what you meant now.
I just tipped you on “Comes the Dawn” and I can see it on the track page. (I actually like this track by the way!)

But yes, exactly some kind of fuller report list
or even just let it show up in our activity stream when people tip us just like it shows up in their’s.

I only have one song up right now and I can see there were 3 tips from that song, but I have 114 tips NOT from that track lol.

Also it’s kind of silly to have our profile pic to the left of every post if we’re the ONLY person who can show up in our activity stream anyway. It becomes pointless to show this pic, and it looks somewhat redundant - I really like my profile pic - but not that much! hahaha!


Hey, just received a follow notification in my email! Like it!


Thanks @Soundphaser just checked my email and I have a follow notification too. Whoever turned this on (Devs?) Thank you! Are they turning this on for tips too?

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