doesn't work right now?

panic at the disco

Site works very well

@styleyfrancky I’m having the same problem, a buddy of mine in the UK can never get it to work, that’s why he’s not on here.

@styleyfrancky That’s the problem I was having, it’s working again right now though. It’s all good guy the site’s still in Beta, they were probably doing an update which is going to affect user and traffic each time they do it.

@hydro-hellsing Oh I see, it’s ok if it’s a general issue, I’ve just been afraid I was banned because I’ve made nothing bad?! huhu.

I can’t even play tracks, and my embeded tracks on Twitter and blog sites doesn’t work too. I hope it will be fixed soon, let’s wait and see…

@styleyfrancky Yeah my mistake, I thought it worked again because the feed was working, the tracks still don’t and going to track links gives a 404 page not found message but it’s for everybody so it’s ok, they’re just doing an update to the site which is a good thing.

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