Player on twitter

Guys, i´m receiving several complains from my twitter followers saying that the player takes ages to play any song…hope you fix this fast…

And does that has to have with my post?

I posted to twitter as well and the player doesn’t load at all on Android. Nothing. Natta.


Hey @miguel-alcobia I’ve found some things that may help

  1. When a registered twitter user views embedded musicoin players,
    and they click play, it plays right in the player

  2. When someone isn’t registered or logged in, and they click player,
    it takes time to click off twitter and open the musicoin website page

  3. A lot of functions on musicoin right now take
    either a few seconds to load
    the user has to wait a few seconds and click again to make it work.

I’m not sure if this is because there’s so many people signing up now (a good thing), which could be slowing down the website, OR if because the blockchain requires a minimum amount of time to verify each activity before adding to the chain and allowin a new action, OR if the developers are just working on making more efficient algorithms with less steps and errors between them. But I’m pretty sure it’s one of those 3, and your post will definitely help the developers prioritize.

If anyone wants to test how twitter embed works different based on whether you’re logged in or not, you can click this example

embedded player

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