This coin is going to the moon—great time to be a musician

I’m a longtime Soundcloud musician, but I am migrating here. I have been registered on here 4 months but I am only starting to use this site seriously now.

It’s a perfect storm of factors:

  • Problems with Soundcloud, such as their recent drop to 64kb/s streaming
  • I’ve never been paid a cent for the 70,000+ streams I have earned on Soundcloud, but I’ve already earned $3 worth of musicoin on this platform
  • Earn money without a publishing deal, without a record deal, etc, just by putting up music that people like to listen to.

That $3 I earned here? Yeah, this is a $40 million coin right now. And yet it’s one of the few blockchain projects with real functional utility right now. There are ERC20 tokens which are just the promise of a future business model with multi-billion dollar market caps. Look at EOS, Golem, Augur, OmiseGo, etc. Musicoin has a real functional ecosystem already. This coin is going to the moon. That $3 I have right now is gonna be $300 or even $3,000 in the next few years.

I got my first BTC in 2011. I know what a successful blockchain project looks like. This one is even more exciting than BTC was back then.

Yes there are some features that I want, for example, playlists and reposts, and faster/more reliable uploads but I trust the developers. They already built a useable ecosystem, which is a hell of a lot more than a lot of blockchain projects are right now.

We are the new music industry. Jump on board, bring your friends, earn musicoin, we’re gonna be rock stars.


p.s. check out my music:


Peace @ęmpire-of-łights
I agree with everything you said.

I just followed your artist page and like the background, by the way you’re up from $3 to over $5. I can’t wait to start telling my mailing list about this! So exciting.

Do you remember how long it took you to get verified as an artist and/or upload your 1st song?

Does musicoin need more miners to speed this up, or is it a software delay that’s being worked on? I’m looking forward to this great migration from soundcloud and spotify etc.

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Not sure how long it took to get verified. I did it with my Twitter, a few months ago when I first signed up. Being verified is much better because people can listen to my songs for free! I’m gonna guess that when this site turns into the next Spotify/Soundcloud getting verified will become much harder, so do it now!

Not sure if slowness issues are lack of mining power or just an issue that is being worked on. Ask the devs! I run a Dogecoin full node, but maybe I will start running a $MUSIC node if it helps to speed up the site. Dogecoin was a good joke (also I love the low transaction fees), but $MUSIC has the potential to transform a whole industry.


Welcome @Ęmpire-of-Łights ! Wish a wonderful journey here!

@ęmpire-of-łights I share everything you say. Just…take it with a healthy grain of salt though. I’m passionate about this and I hope it becomes what we have waited for so long. But there is no guarantee. But the good thing…we, as the musicians, have nothing to lose. We can only win.

Welcome to the family.


Thanks @Ęmpire-of-Łights and @Neon-Insect
I’m verified now! So it took less than 24hrs for me!

Still waiting for my music to upload though (they should probably take down the message that says “2 minutes” upload time lol)

I’m wondering if there’s a way it can actually start to take less time for verifications, such as the way litecoin uses the blockchain process quicker than bitcoin? Anyway thank you for welcoming me to the crew - let’s get our music the people who want it!


Bummer the site is so bogged down and servers can’t handle it. Took me 5x tries to load the page for your music before connection wasn’t reset.

I agree! First time we can take back control of the music industry and start getting paid again for our music!


My profile is:


yes I agree @james-rivelli it’s good that more people are sign up than musicoin probably expected, but bad for us who believe in it enough to want to skip the beta stage lol!

I thought there was a delay in uploading the music, but it turned out after I was verified I clicked upload and my music was really up in 2 minutes!

So 1. It DOES help to get verified before uploading the music.

  1. sometimes it’s not the time lag for an action to complete, but - like you said - just depends if you click when it’s busy or not, so I’ve learned (for now) on musicoin if something like a play, or comment doesn’t work, just to wait a few seconds and try again

How are they going to keep the interest of miners? Right now they are mining for nothing, right?


i don’t know if stuff is going according to whitepaper 2.0, but if, then they should get 250 coins out of 314 per block. the rest goes to the UBI and the website.

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@olivier-pomerleau like @Neon-Insect said Miners are definitely getting coins from everything I’ve heard.

@olivier-pomerleau I think what Olivier want to point out is the incentive for miners to hold the coin instead of dumping it; or in other words, who’s buying when the only use case is tipping right now, which is a concern many people shared in the community, but to me that looks really short sight view of the tech.

Musicoin aims many other use cases to drive price up (or people wanting it to buy).
I can think of crowdfunding your favorite musicians, meet&greed, signed LPs, chat or interviews, mobile app subscriptions, the new smart speaker, probably also merchandising and concert tickets. I can also think of mentorships (Get someone famous or that you enjoy as musician tell you what he thinks about your music in a questionaire). I can think of many ways Musicoin is a great buy, my only concern is that buying through Bitcoin is not very intuitive, that’s why we are thinking of other fiat ramps for Music.

@neon-insect Yep, Kudos on the nothing to lose part.

Things aren’t going to be perfect but this is project still has the best shot at transforming the industry, imo.

@shamino - that’ll come with time – I don’t think it’s a good use of Musicoin’s time to get into that stuff since that’s really a problem that the exchanges should be dealing with, imo.

Looking forward to the day where everyone and their mom would be able to create their own token with a click of a button and be able to cash it out to fiat easily and reliably. You’re going to see so many crazy projects that it’ll make the internet fun all over again.

@ęmpire-of-łights I concur with every exact word you just said.

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