Celtic Mantra Saying Hello to You All :)

Hey there,

Just joined the site, not sure whats going on yet lol but i am learning.

Anyway i am into and produce many different forms of Electronic Music including but not limited too Psytrance, Progressive Psytrance, Downbeat, Chilled, Electronic and Experimental.

Hope you are all having a blast here on Musicoin and hope to meet and talk to you all soon 🙂

Im off to listen to all your music 🙂

Mark (aka Celtic Mantra)

@celtic-mantra Hey, welcome! And thank you for your comment on my track too.
I’ll return you the favor and certainly looking forward to what you’ve createe. If you got more than one track up, @ me here, and I hit that play all button!

@neon-insect Thanks Dude, i have loads of music but i cant get verified for some reason.

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