Mobile links re-route, but why ..

Is anyone else experiencing this.?

  • When I click a musicoin song link on my Twitter feed, it will re-route me Back to the musicoin website Instead Of playing the song immidiately right there from the Twitter post…

Why is this happening? And will this issue be addressed anytime soon?

Thanks in advance for any info / related social sharing experiences. ✌

@hydro-hellsing on Mobile (iOS) there is no “play” button. simply a picture (album art) for the user to press on.

@breez You’ll have to wait for admin to explain that than, but it’ll play in the embed player for people on Desktop, went to your teitter but didn’t see a musicoin link to try it out.

@breez The only problem I have with that is when I copy the link and paste it rather than click the actual tweet button on the song page. For some reason the player only embeds when I use the Tweet button.

@hydro-hellsing yeah it’s all janky right now. This thread is all about the Mobile use of musicoin. The players Do imbed on a desktop, but who’s using desktops/laptops to listen to music… The majority of music listening traffic is coming from mobile devices, especially for music streaming services. Thanks for checking into my Twitter feed! sadly you won’t find any musicoin links there (yet), because I test everything I post and if it doesn’t meet the functioning standard of quality I’m looking for, I won’t promote it with my brand.

@breez You know what’s sad about that, unless people have their device connected to their Car/Stereo they won’t hear the actual quality and effort people put into their work, particularly trap music which is based on bass.

@breez Yeah but people use earbuds a lot of the time, either way it’s still not the same, my Bass is in the lows so unless their headphones pick up 10+ hz’s they aint really gonna get the full experience.

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