Embeddable Facebook Player

Does anyone know how to find embeddable Musicoin player to post on Facebook?

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@vidas-pinkevicius It embeds in comments but it doesn’t work. The regular post doesn’t embed, just fetches the preview of your page, guess they still have some things to work out with the site still being in Beta.

@hydro-hellsing Thanks for your kind explanation. I see the potential in Musicoin to enable musicians to make a living in the future.

<iframe id=“embedded-player-preview-frame” src=“https://musicoin.org/embedded-player/0xc00bc17c589d224578a6707d9bffeb1a9fb8be64?embedded=true&autoQueue=talse&preview=false”></iframe>
Thats how the code looks like. Doesnt work on FB but on a websites e.g. https://goo.gl/1SxpBQ

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman Doesn’t work on wordpress though, did the first time I tried it in the preview, but when I saved the changes it was just the code, than when I tried to repaste it in the edit it wouldn’t even show up in the preview anymore. https://hydrohellsing.wordpress.com/

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A embed player would be really useful on facebook.

FB doesnt want it, so nothing you could do about it… seen any youtube videos on FB recently? 🙂

I advice you to share your tracks on Twitter instead for now. It works like a charm! 🙂

@styleyfrancky The only problem with that is there’s no groups which is where the audience it, tags are good and all for twitter but that doesn’t mean people will see the tweet unless they’re actually searching the tag, that’s why I’d like to see musicoin be more fan based than musician, just to help the musicians on a budget who can’t afford promo and such.

I’ve got a decent following and an A&R that follow me on FB but I’m lookin’ for an actual fan outreach type of deal through musicoin directly, it’s still in Beta though so it’s just a matter of patience.

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