Missing Musicoins

I have no idea what happened but when I got offline earlier I had like 284 MC’s and now it’s down to 224, is it like a bug in the system or did something else happen with my account?


@Hydro-Hellsing Nothing happened to your account, there is no bug, and you can see your transaction history at blockchain explorer https://explorer.musicoin.org/ (enter your wallet address)

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Well I’m not gonna argue about it but it did say 284 before I went to sleep, and I haven’t smoked since bout september and haven’t drank since new years lol. I don’t care, was just bringing it up in case it was a bug, sorry.

@zeljko-stanojkovski This is partly what I meant by bug though, went to my profile and the MC’s earned are different than the MC’s I have, is it supposed to be like that cuz I have no idea lol.

0_1520531311298_Musicoin Transaction.jpg

@Hydro-Hellsing The difference is whether someone tip your release or tip your profile directly, anyway all coins go to the same account.
Musicoin Block Explorer shows that at this moment you have “Balance: 251.000000 MUSIC”, this is more than I see in the picture.
Don’t worry, check it out here: https://explorer.musicoin.org/account/0x82309cedcc7444c8ed34e1d0073bc4757ad242c8 😉

@ivan Lol naw it’s cool I’m not worried about it, I have to use a web-based wallet to exchange it anyway and am not ready to do all that yet. I’m just lookin out for things like that while it’s in Beta mode cuz I know how buggy sites get.

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