Encourage fans to buy Musicoins

Here’s an idea to encourage fans to buy coins and tip. By featuring, on the public profiles, the biggest tippers (not bots); that week and ‘all time’. 0_1514884622783_profile.jpeg

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Great idea! Would love to have my personal hall of fame of supporters 🙂

@gjart , image uploading allowed for registered users.
you can upload screenshoots via these ways following
1.) (directly paste your screenshoot copied - control + v )
2.) click cloud button then upload your screenshoot.
in the meantime i liked the idea very useful. we will work/look up to do the idea.

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I back that one! Good idea! Although tipping is a important part of the process, I think it could be interesting also to have some kind of stats on streaming. I would like to know how many streams per day/week/month/year oth for total and individual songs.

@GJART Fantastic idea, would definitely be beneficial to have more incentives for listeners to buy coins and tip!

Excellent stuff, sounds like something that could be helpful and also an incentive to newcomers.

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