Featured Artist should be required to have quality Artwork!

Presentation goes a long way and this Swilly guy on the front page is making Musicoin look bad! And i’m not taking about the music because he is talented but the image that is blown up on the front page looks really bad!!! It should be a requirement for feature artist to at least have quality artwork to be displayed on the front page!! This will help everyone because no one will want to invest in musicoin if it does not look good. I’ve already tried getting bands from festivals I book on here and they all get thrown off by the big ugly Swilly AD!

@john-rosales I agree with this! Love Swilly’s music, and while I think the featured Artist is an amazing idea, I think it should be done differently.

I don’t think to be featured should require quality artwork, but I think the presentation of it needs an overhaul as a whole. Whoever is featured, give it a spot somewhere on the homepage. The right side, where your last plays show up could be the spot for this. And below the last plays.

Since the header is seen first after log in, i think it should just be neutral and represent the platform.

@neon-insect Exactly! But I still think the artwork, at least needs to be the right size. I’m sure with more popularity things will get situated but right now it is more important than ever to crack down on presentation of the front page.

Just need to allocate a smaller unit for this. Most musicians do not go into details of displaying a bitmap image on the site. Design should take into account the fact that the musicians will download a picture of low resolution. If this block is smaller, most of the pictures will look better.

A simple Solution would be to create an “Artist of the Week” or “Featured Artist” Banner/Graphic that replaces the Artists “blown up” Banner when advertised as featured Artist. This Graphic could be used for all Artists and should be relatively neutral


I agree ! The way the website looks serves the community, the listeners, the artists and makes the whole idea easier to understand for newbies. So yes ! Image size, quality visuals, is a must !

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