Would love help with a little something and Hello!
Hey guys! just made a post in another category I believe just to say whats up and that I was going to use all my initial coins and tip new musicians (I love hearing new music!) But this one is more specific. I am having a hard time having my account verified. I would appreciate any help what so ever in this matter. Initially when I signed up I believe I only linked my facebook and soundcloud. But it doesnt appear my SoundCloud ended up linking up. I have currenctly intserted as many links as I could and I am still awaiting verification. Its been about 2 weeks now. If you have any info on any process or steps I could take in getting this through faster it would be greatly and humbly appreciated! Thank you again. You are helping usher in a new age. Of course, I should plug my first song right? https://musicoin.org/track/0xb5479933074979c3e64209803253493267cf6b42
@brandxn-bell If you have Twitter, you could try messaging the account on there (@musicoins) to make sure they're looking at the problem. (Note, I'm not suggesting that you tweet it to them at this point!)
@brandxn-bell hm...i can see, why they don't verify you. No twitter, youtube has 1 follower, no new tunes on soundcloud since almost a year. in case you don't have a twitter, send them an email, or message one of the administrators here (if they even read it) @Zeljko-Stanojkovski - i think he is the content reviewer. They can tell you exactly why you're not verified yet and change it.
@stoneygate I did the twitter thing and was referred to come here. But okay I will try and message him!
@brandxn-bell You should just send an email to reviewers@musicoin.org when you finished with linking like it was written in a comment of your song. Simple as that.
@neon-insect Correct, @Zeljko-Stanojkovski is who you need to contact.

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