Okay so holy hell. I did not know about this platform until just a few weeks ago. When I found out about it, it BLEW MY MIND! No joke I almost cried because it just felt so right. Fast forward to now and I had no idea there was a forum until just a few minutes ago. I haven’t had a chance to use this platform much yet as I am still unverified for some reason so I havent put much energy into it. (I am active on steemit though) I just have been waiting around and waiting for my status to kick in so I can upload more songs! My first track on here is pretty dope but I have so much more I want to share with you guys and the world!

ANYWAY! The whole point of this post. I have been fortunate enough to have already generated a few coins over these last few weeks and what I want to do is give them back! I believe as of this writing I have 15 and I plan on listening to brand new songs to me and tipping them. Maybe 15 songs I will pick!
I cant wait to discover what I consider the DOPEST side of music out there. We are the techno musicians. New age ish for real. Here we go!

(oh and if anyone has any suggestions on how to get their account verified faster please let me know!)

THANK YOU FOR HELPING CHANGE THE WORLD! 1 by 1 we will reclaim our right to abundance in all ways here on earth!