Found out why Musicoin is lacking on Regular listeners.

Edit: It turns out it’s the FB embedded player that doesn’t work, see my recent posts at the bottom for details and screenshots.

Had a conversation with someone on Facebook a few minutes ago, I didn’t realize people had to sign up to listen to tracks, told her it was free but she didn’t wanna sign up with anything, just listen.

So that’s pretty much a problem in itself, but it’s always kind of been like that, people don’t want any kind of extra hassle, that’s one of the reasons Soundcloud is the go to platform for artists and fans, no sign up you can just listen and artists aren’t gonna and really can’t get into a debate with every fan to get them to sign up to a site just to listen.

So maybe this post would be better placed in the ideas section but I think it’s a good idea to let fans sign up in order to follow/tip/create playlists/communicate with the artist but to just listen they shouldn’t have to sign up at all.


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Also, really need a mobile app

Let them work on the desktop version of Musicoin before releasing an App. But I agree with @Hydro-Hellsing, only people who wants to get musicoins will need to sign up (as soon as they release more features: like tickets concerts, songs buying and more.

You are entirely right,! I think you pointed out the problem in its entirety…Soundcloud is the go to platform for artists…herein lies the problem! Artists through no fault of their own, have cultivated the listener to becoming a do nothing, pay nothing for the music they listen to. Every artist should use this type of platform carefully and I would urge that we all move completely away from them…now that we actually have the choice.

Just a friendly reminder the platform is on Beta stage, they probably don’t want massive people come and listen to music without being sure they can handle traffic.

True enough…and I see the issues that would create. I would hope for gradual exodus to sites like musicoin. Even in the beta format, I am really enjoying my experience on musicoin and have found a lot of very amazing artists there already. In time it will be my commitment to drive my fans here and there, in the new online music presence. It has a way to go yet, but I fully believe should be the only place, we as artists, make our exclusive presence available.

I listen to musicoin tracks daily without being logged in. 🤔

You dont have to sign up though? I have tweeted and posted my musicoin links and everyone as able to listen without logging in or signing up

I concur. I posted on FB and my fans were able to listen without signing up.

That’s strange, I wonder why she wasn’t able to listen than, maybe it was a site error at the time, or an error in the player, could also have been just her PC/Device.

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Just tested it all, it’s the FB player that doesn’t work, same thing applies though, people being scared to click links they’re not familiar with, just wanna listen through the embedded player, and if they see the embedded player doesn’t work they think it’s a bad link/site. Took some screenshots of me and another artists player on here, the player starts than goes inactive.

0_1520488458306_Musicoin FB Player.jpg
0_1520488472194_Musicoin FB Player 2.jpg
0_1520488487056_Musicoin FB Player 3.jpg

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Yeah this is very confusing on why it works and doesn’t work. I am sharing but ppl seem to be saying the audio is not playing. The record is spinning but no sound. (We ain’t Pootie Tang.) These ppl are not signed up either so thought that why ppl needed to be signed up. Confusing. I really want this site to work but at the end of the day if ppl cant hear then soundcloud it is. To be honest ppl still have issues trying to play soundcloud as well. Musicoin needs to win this.

Yeah the embeded player for twitter doesn’t work either, Growing pains I suppose

@cryptomook No the Twitter player still works fine, maybe at the time you or someone tried it the site was in maintenance, usually on a Friday, could also be a browser issue. But I just tried mine and it still works fine, the FB player still doesn’t work though, but hardfork’s about to come so there will be faster improvements from there, it’s not that concerning.

But it’s like I said in a different thread, promote all your music platforms and worry about exclusives for Musicoin, put previews on free streaming services and the full version on Musicoin. A lot of people still aren’t monetizing soundcloud and not everybody has a distribution service for Spotify, don’t worry about it so much that you don’t use Musicoin.


So I just want to make sure you all know there’s a difference between
The “nav/” part makes the difference between it being a link or an embed

@khaiim No that’s not the problem, I tried it that way and the embed player still doesn’t work for FB, they’ll fix it when or after the Hard Fork update comes though, Twitter embed works fine.

And when you Tweet the link it still has the Nav in it so it’s just a coding issue for FB I guess.

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@hydro-hellsing I’m with you…people are lazy…and don’t want to be bothered with having to sign up just to listen to a song. But even if MC takes the route you are suggesting…FB itself may become the problem as they don’t seem to be too excited about embedded players anymore…even from YouTube.

I’ve noticed…as I’m sure lots of other folks have…that linked videos from YT that used to play no problem within FB…have now become links that take you away from FB and to YT to watch.

@daniel-williams Yeah the problem wasn’t the sign up, turns out you don’t have to it was just the embed player on FB doesn’t work, they’ll fix that though after Hard Fork. Your right though, sometimes the embed youtube works and sometimes it doesn’t, I don’t know what they’re doing, same thing with spotify, most the time the embed player works, sometimes it doesn’t.

They also need a embed code for wordpress as it also doesn’t work, there’s iframe plugin for wordpress that might make it work but I’m on a free account so I can’t add any wordpress plugins.

@Hydro-Hellsing - keep at it - excellent work …

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