My vision of Musicoin wallet

Hi to all!
He is my vision of Musicoin wallet UI. Just a draft for now 🙂
What you think?
alt text

I wish my wallet had 1,284,975 MUSIC!

Seems like this may be the place to ask this: Does anyone here know how to download the current Musicoin Wallet to their computer desktop. It look like I have to create a github account? Is this true? Since I’m a musician, and don’t delve into the world of software coding, the whole crypto process is greek to me. I’m fluent in english. If anyone knows how to explain this to me, or knows of a thread that already does… please help a brother out. All these virtual coins mean nothing if I can’t figure out how to turn it into spendable money. In this case USD.

@breez No, there’s a Musicoin Wallet desktop app that you download from github, don’t have to sign up at github to download it.

@breez There’s also a separate thread in the forum explaining how to convert Musicoins into bitcoin so you can sell them for USD.

This wallet looks legit AF. Would be awesome to have it on the next release! Very good job @anton-barandych , it looks clean and pro.

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