That feeling when you get some new plays =D

I wish I knew it.
Nah I’m kidding.
I’m Coach Hop.
But I had an idea. Actually I guess it’s similar to @Neon-Insect 's idea.

If you have some new music post it in here and we’ll all have a listen and see if we like it. And I’d like to add, feel free to crit mine. I have no problem with constructive criticism. In the comments say who you are and what your music is like and obvsly include a link.

As for me mostly I make pop rock. Some of it’s rude, some of it’s funny, all of it’s heartfelt. Here’s a new one with ZERO plays :'D

@coach-hop As for Everything’s Fine by Coach Hop. I, personally, like it. It kind of has Brian Adams, George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler influence, I guess.

@coach-hop I’m not sure, where I deserved credit here, but I certainly like the idea a lot 🙂

Your track was amazing, I do enjoy a lot of your stuff now and then.

Here is one of my alltime favorites. It’s quite old…also…my stuff in general is lower in volume, I don’t do brickwall masters, because I love to work with dynamics.

Genre: Electronica, Classical, Soundtrack probably

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As Space Theatre is a soundtrack, I think it would be better listen to it with the whole stuff.
From music itself I can hear emotion and tension.

@nohealer yes, off i go for a listen… brb
Okay for starters I liked “Silly Little Song”.
Why did you call it that?

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I thought “Space Theatre” was evocative of a struggle in a sweeping vista.
I want it to be set in a context, a larger story. A real production.

When you made it was there a little story in your head that it was the soundtrack to?

Why not? It seems to sound as a song you can whistle around 😉

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