Musicoin on Pinterest

So here’s a nice way to organise all musicoin tracks.

I’ve created a board with a section for each genre.

If you want a track added then just comment on this with the link to the track and the genre. I don’r want to get too specific with genres so EDM, DIsco, etc. will go into “Dance” for example for now.

good idea…damn our lack of specific genre…

Great idea 🙂

Nice one! Please could you add my tracks (or as many of them as you’d like)? I’ve created a board on my account so you can just re-pin from there:

Silver Bird - Electronic
Savannah - Ambient
Sunrise - Ambient
Sunset Landscape - Ambient
Sleepwalker - Electronic
Some Days - Electronic
Spiralesque - Ambient
Stick of Rock - Dance
Sad Samba - Ambient / Dance
Stuck in a Rut - Ambient


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