play all...from here?

what do people think of a “play all from here” function? if an artist has lots of songs it might make it easier for listening ion chunks to their work as it’s not always possible to listen to 15+ songs in one sitting if we had “play all from this point” it would help songs further down the list get heard and plays

I, personally, don’t like any idea to chunk music in any way either. I believe in the site progression there will come playlists and a searching bar for scrolling track, which we already have in the embedded payer.

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I believe isnt cool stuff to add, gonna be like robotical experience and Musicoin needs each time more Human and personal experiences, even to collect info our the listeners and help to serve better music for them according their musical taste.


@ShotGun21 There is a similar function to this in place already.

You just go to the artist page, press that black play button next to the track you want to start with. It starts said track and then you can scroll through the page and add any track you like to your playlist by pressing the same button.
It is just a couple of clicks more, but no loading times or anything and it usually doesn’t break the player.

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