I have two music projects. I just come into a new project..But the two projects are attached to the same facebook profile, this is a problem?

Hello guys… I have a account here. Davi Zaiden…and i just create the Atomospheric grooves account, but it is not verified yet… The question is…this two projects is attached on olny one account, the same account that attached with the Davi Zaiden user. (thats my real name…)… I thin its not honest to create another persomn profile on facebook… Because the two projejects is ownerd by the same person, me. So i just create another fanpage for the Atomospheric Grooves (my new project)…its a new project…and i want to have it on musicoin.org too…i link My twiiter, My gooogle plus account, my soundcloud page… But i can’t link my facebook with the another account, i try (because all the music of this project are posted on my personal profile too, so its good to you verify that i realy own this sounds)…but,like i said before…I think its not possible to link one facebook account with two musicoin account…but i need to create another acount…because its for another public , its another kind of music…Davi Zaiden musicoin profile is most for Folk, acoustic songwriting. Atomospheric Grooves is a experimental eletronic project… Its completely different…ANd its new…i create about one month ago, but i only finished the second song this week…So i need to ask…its will be verified? i link my new twiiter account. my new youtube page , my soundcloud account, my google account (as login too)…WIth this…do you think i will be verified?


Hi there,
Please send an email to reviewers@musicoin.org and we will solve that.

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