I have two music projects. A songwriter, and a new eletronic experimental project.. But the two projects page is attached on one facebook profile...

Can i link the same profile with my two musicoin account? because its myself that compose the songs for these projects. I only create a new fan page for my new eletronic project… Dont make sense to create another facebook profile… Is the same person, two projects…One of them is a folk songwriter, and the other is a experimental eletronic music with vocals too…but its completely diferente. The second project is new…but is already runing…i have two musics on these eletronic projec, and i still composing! im making the third…and i will keep making songs…this is my love for now! im passionate ith eletronic possibilities!

Davi Zaiden, do not ask the same question in 3 places, please send all additional questions regarding your profile/account back to reviewers@musicoin.org

Again, please be careful with the promotions, don’t be tricked by some offers from scammers on FB or TW who offer “stream boost” to artists on Musicoin. There are no paid promotions supported on this platform and that what they are doing is malicious activity, so participating in such offers could easily result in account termination.


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