Let's talk to those know little about $MUSC.

I see many community members started to chat with John McAfee, https://twitter.com/sachindx444/status/947852129867251712 It’d be good to let him and others know about what a useful project should be.

It is a good promotion for us. I beleive John McAfee will be supprised if he read about our project.


Excellent publicity! The snowball will happen. Talking of which I sent you a direct message earlier. 🙂

John McAfee has exhibited that he holds very little interest in blockchain outside of his own personal greed. He is currently engaging in pump and dump announcements which he makes after he had already loaded up on particular coins. I personally don’t believe he is an honest spokesperson for Musicoin, or cryptocurrency in general.

@musasimsek6 Fitzgerald ohhh Gold Music Gold Age!

@im it also could work with Richard Branson since he formerly owned ventures like Virgin EMI Records and Virgin Records; also having interest by cryptocurrencies. Btw he is very social too, reachable.

@biondög wondering what could an old school label manager bring to a platform like this, which actually tries to cut out exactly these kind of people and advertises it this way? I mean he probably has tons of contacts…but there is not much to gain for him, i guess. You’re either musician or listener.

@jamesdpitley i would absolutely agree with this. There are MILLIONS of high value musician’s that would make a MUCH more respectable public relations maneuver. STAY away from john mcafee and his dark arts. get snoop on the phone.

@neon-insect the worst he could say is no. No harm in trying, imo.

Although I’m not so sure if people like McAfee or Branson would really understand Musicoin’s vision. They’re not exactly the most pragmatic of folks out there.

That would be a really relly bad ideaa. McAfee is bad influence, really bad…

@ryan-tanaka said in Let’s talk to those know little about $MUSC.:

@neon-insect the worst he could say is no. No harm in trying, imo.

I think there is a lot of harm in trying. What could possibly go wrong?
Branson stands for everything that Musicoin eliminates: Musicoin stands for the direct exchange between artists and listeners without the middleman, to which Branson counts.

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