A chart topping artist WILL be on MUSICOIN by the end of 2018

But… We are already on musicoin?!

hahahahaha joking 😜

“On MUSICOIN this would net her $48 million with 1MC at $0.02” - no
At the moment capitalization of Musicoin is 16 million, so we couldn’t support musician like Katy Perry if price would equal 2 cents for coin

yep indeed. but if we think about it a big star wouldn’t go up to 1Billion views/stream immediately the market would have the time to compensate and give the $M its real value. Imho.

Not to forget that there are only a finite number of free plays per day.
If an artist like this joins the platform, he will probably cash in all the free coins, so a premium fee/month will be needed, in order to keep the system up and going.

@buleumarius or 1 $MUSIC must worth at least $10, hence I play cost $0.01 an we have enough coins to support top’s musician

God, please. Make the $M go to 10$.

@thibault-shagersword “You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a deep seated need to believe” -Carl Sagan


It doesn’t matter if the value is $0.01 or $100. The amount of free plays which can be offered per day is finite, so there is a small probability that is can be free forever, given an infinite number of plays per day.
We will have to see how things work out as the project matures.

True, but if the value goes up you multiply the number of coins available by 10 every time you reach a milestone: 0,10$ - 1$ , 10$, 100$ etc… and they wouldn’t pay 1MC per play but just a fraction (see whitepaper V2). But in the end, there is a finite number of coins available but it gives more time for the project to scale up.

block = ~15 sec => 24 * 60 * 60 = 84600 seconds => 84600/15 = 5760 blocks => 5760*50 = 288000 coins collect UBI pool a day
So, it 288000 free pays if price under .10$
2880000 plays if price under 1$
28800000 plays if price under 10$
so on
plus UBI coins that we have at the moment

don’t be afraid and call your “chart topping” friends here

have a good day

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I agree with you, there is a finite number of play per day! why do you want to play who’s the smartest? I just want to debate and talk about the issue.

I found this old article from 2016 ==> https://hhhhappy.com/lets-play-a-guessing-game-how-many-songs-are-streamed-each-minute-on-spotify/

It claims that spotify has around 750 000 streams per minute, around 1 080 000 000 per day meaning that IF musicoin goes up to 100$ and your math is right we would have 280 800 000 free plays available. To overcome that issue (number of free play available), we could have the number of coins allocated to the UBI pool increase by 4 times ? Like 200, meaning, less for miners (around 100 per block).

We would then have

block = ~15 sec => 24 * 60 * 60 = 84600 seconds => 84600/15 = 5760 blocks => 5760*200 = 1152000 coins collect UBI pool a day
So, it 1152000 free pays if price under .10$
11 520 000 plays if price under 1$
115 200 000 plays if price under 10$
1 150 200 000 plays if price under 100$

There is a lot of “IF” and prices predictions, so let’s wait and see what the team is cooking but technically it’s possible. I wouldn’t call my “chart topping” friends but I’ll wait and be less sarcastic.

Have a good day 🙂

@thibault-shagersword my message direct to buleumarius, not for you. Don’t understand me wrong

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