Cannot find the answer, please explain

pending distribution , blue Button press distribute…?!
what is that all about, nothing happens?
I don’t understand what this is all about.
Mc to wallet?
Where is an easy explanation to find
what is what and what is it for?
Thank you 🙂 for your help I am abit confused.

@blue-attitude The distribute is when someone tips you, you press the button to distribute the tip to yourself or if multiple people collaborated it splits among all of you that are listed in the way you set it up during the song upload.

If you have the song set to play for one MC it will distribute 1 MC each time you press the distribute button. There’s an edit feature right there though so if your the only license holder meaning 100% goes to you, you can set the amount of MC higher than 1 to distribute the tip all at once and than set it back down to one per play after you distribute to yourself.


@Blue-Attitude Sometimes you have to press it once or twice in order to distribute. Someone tipped you and those MC will go to your wallet.


But the trouble is, the adress of my wallet is in one song not activated.
So what I did is
EDIT License, entered the wallet adressline
pressed update
processing bar running BUT nothing happens, No recipient = 0
Something not working here.
No problems in the other songs of mine.


@blue-attitude Let’s try this way:

  1. Go to “Edit license”
  2. Remove previous payment distribution entres.
  3. Add a new entry and enter your wallet address in “Recipient” filed and enter “1” in the “Shares” filed.
  4. Hit the “Update” button.
    Everything should be fine after that.

Edit license in the song, you mean that?
there is no previous payment distribution, no adress, nothing
all I can do is add another entry…nothing else.
No adress and ZERO in shares???
I cannot change or delete anything

@blue-attitude Can you show him a screenshot of what you mean? What I’m looking at shows me as the recipient, he’s saying delete that and re-add your wallet code. It looks like your saying you did that but it didn’t work and it’s not showing any recipient at all?

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yes, three of my song do look like that , too
but the first one I uploaded not!
I get to the point where it sais Blue Attitude (artist) but when I do press update it is gone again

@blue-attitude I see what your sayin now, you’ve been trying to add another entry but when you update it goes back to being blank, that could be a bug or it could be your browser, I don’t know when the last time you cleared your browsers cookies/data/cache but you might wanna try that cuz it does cause those kinds of problems when it builds up data.

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no it doesn’t work , cleared the browser totaly.

I think I have to delete that file, shit on the MCs pending , and reload

@blue-attitude I was gonna suggest that next, how many MC’s were tipped to you? I’ll give you back the ones you tipped me if you want, I’m not ready to convert them to bitcoin and sell yet anyway and it’s only cents lol.


@blue-attitude If you created a new entry, entered your wallet address in a “recipient” and “1” in “shares”, pressed “update”, waited for updates to be processed and it didn’t worked, then it’s possible that we have some bug there.

@hydro-hellsing nääää lol how sweet of you, but as you said Cents and so what…


@Blue-Attitude At least I see that it works on reuploaded release.

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