The announcement today..

So…first of all congrats for having partnered up with someone and overall you seem to get it going on the marketing side of things.

But…all this is pointless, if your platform isn’t getting better. I love musicoin and I’m quite passionate about it. And I really would love to put a single from my new album up here first, before I put that out anywhere else. But right now…I don’t see me doing this, because the website is so slow. The current listening experience is not fun, because the player is constantly bugging out, the website isn’t loading or whatever. Can you fix this? And somehow give an idea when this is going to be better?

I have like 5 days until I start pre order on bandcamp. Would be great to be able to tease it on musicoin the upcoming weekend.

I must agree here. Uploaded my catalogue here and try to refer as many listeners as possible this way. But the site is really slow. It hinders getting new listeners.

Remember this is still beta. But I also agree with you, site is very buggy (

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