~~1000~~ NOW 5000 Musicoin currently worth over $100 Remix Competition DjDarkStorm - Storm Of The Mighty (Ends 31st Mar 2018)

  • Hi guys I am new to producing apart from a little go back in 2003/4 so I have decided that my new group of tracks that fit into my storm category would be good for others to remix and add there magic touch to as I am still new at making music and they could do with some better mix's.

    So I have decided to run a 1000 5000 Musicoin Remix Comp for my main tune Storm of The Mighty I am happy with any kind of remix from any style we currently have a Liquid Drum n Bass remix in the works and I am looking for more people to get involved.

    I am not very good at being social and have been trying to think of the best voting system and coming here to our Musicoin forum and joining in on the vote has made me think that this would be the fairest way to vote right here on the forum.

    So the prizes are as follows the winner will not only get 1000 Now it's 5000 Musicoin but will get %85 of royalties from every play on Musicoin. All other entries will get a fair 50/50 share of every royalty play from Musicoin so all we have to decide on now is if the artist would like the track on there profile or mine as long as they stick to the guidelines I am happy with any choice but would like your input.

    Entries have to get to me by the 31st March 2018 and then we can launch them for vote the following week all going well.

    So please come and get involved I would love to hear your take on the track whether it be on a guitar, a harmonica or a full on rock or hardstyle remix everyone is welcome to get involved and my hope is that will spread some more awareness for Musicoin.

    Please contact me on here or Twitter https://twitter.com/4gottonOne so I can get the samples to you to work your magic on.

    And if anyone can help with some cool designs to share the comp on social media that would be great I have tried to make a flyer but its not as good as I would like but will keep trying.

    Ok here is the track link if you have not heard it before https://musicoin.org/nav/track/0x3b492ce436ffffdd4764e6f0b32caa33ede841a1

    And I hope to hear from you soon if you would like to get involved I also hope I have not broken any rules and if so please let me know so I can correct them.

    Thanks guys and have a great week,

  • As far as the sharing everybody can have their remix on their profile and set it up to distribute to yours and their wallets at the percentage you tell them.

  • Yes was thinking the same that way we can all have more exposure and get our royalties fairly.

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  • Looks like we have a few more new entries come and have a go you know you want to 🙂

  • aight let me try please email me at wesleydiessen@gmail.com

  • @wesley-amsterdam-0 Cool some links coming your way my friend thanks and good luck 🙂

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