How can I deposit Musicoin to an exchange?

Merci beaucoup pour les infos mais j’ai une problème je je ne sais résoudre, Comment installer Musicoin et ou je trouve le fichier setup exe. ? ? ?

I sent yesterday musicoin from my account to Cryptopia. And I don´t know the ID of operation and no deposit. What can I do now?


the only exchange that you can send directly musicoins from your profile is bittrex… you can open an account there… for cryptopia you have to first send the coins to musicoin wallet and then to cryptopia 🙂

Is Bittrex accepting direct transfers from web wallet? ^_^


@tëën-asty you mean from your wallet in musicoin .org??

@Asterios-Papastamatakis Yes, the web wallet not my desktop wallet
I also trade Crypto so this platform actually is awesome ^_^


@teen-asty yes you can but try a small amount first like 1-2 musicoins to see that they went thru and then the amount you want


@teen-asty anytime you need something ask 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 if i can’t answer somebody else will 🙂

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