**Some of these probably already came up, but a bulk uploader or at least a Album/Playlist feature to upload and insert track info all at once for a release.


A track Spotlight for when people visit your profile, won’t say anthing about a more instant/automatic feature to convert/sell Musicoins for an instant payout to Paypal when 100 MCs ($3.00 and rising hopefully) are accumulated.

A new Category in the forum to promote releases, somebody already made a thread about an easier way for listeners to stream music, another reason for paypal/bank transfers, $0.03 USD is kind of a good deal, more for a download if that feature’s enabled and the artist enable’s it.

Musicoin can be taken a lot farther, once fans can stream and transfer money more easily is when a Premium feature should be added for a monthly fee of 100 MCs, or $3.00 if you don’t have the MCs.

There’s a good amount of ability for Musicoin, particularly when it comes to investing.**