how long is verify process? and is there anyway to be verified faster?

how long is verify process? and is there anyway to be verified faster?

same, I too am curious. Very excited about Musicoin so far and keen to upload my best tracks as soon as its verified. Been talkiung musicoin up on my twitter, implore yu all to do the same in order to help it grow for musicoin and ourselves who greatly benefit from this awesome idea

That link no longer works: “You seem to have stumbled upon a page that does not exist. Return to the home page.”

@riki-rezinunts Verify is based on your musical background/activity on other sites, if you barely have any music uploaded, or the last upload was from years earlier your less likely to be verified.

You link your social media profiles so admin can see your an active musician, if you meet that criteria send an email to admin to be verified.

how can musicians in africa benefit from musicoin because i will love to share such an innovation with musicians in my home country cameroon

@rene-immortal-matik Musicoin is crypto currency, you get paid one musicoin each time someone plays your music, you can can get an online crypto wallet or download the musicoin wallet, than you can go to an online exchange and convert the Musicoin into Bitcoin and sell the Bitcoin on the exchange for money.


@rene-immortal-matik I think the world would benefit from having more african musicians in Musicoin, so feel free to ask the community for help in any question you have about the platform!

@soundphaser They have some issues in Africa, I’ve been helping some on FB lately, some don’t know how to upload music at all, another didn’t know how to create a Paypal and asked me to do it for him which I wouldn’t but explained the step by step process.

It’s a bad education situation in Africa, they have to bribe officials to be able to go to school and for college and scholarships over seas they have to take courses in Oil cuz those companies are their sponsors and over 90% of African countries revenue is from oil exports.

It took mine 2 or 3 days to get verified. check out my page and follow.


@hydro-hellsing Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately I know the issues that most african countries have. But it’s on our side to make something to help, so thank you for using some of your time to do it.
If @Rene-Immortal-Matik could identify what are the main difficulties regarding access to Musicoin, we could think of something to help, like more tutorials, translated material, what platforms are best to convey the help, etc.

I’m Boo-ker Blahzay and I’m also waiting to be verified. I’m on day 2 waiting for verification. I have actively been releasing music for the past 2 years. I’m on apple music, itunes, youtube, deezer, spotify, etc. So hopefully Musicoin can verify my profile. I am really looking forward to being apart of this site.


Hi there @bookerblahzay your account is verified. You just need to upload a track in order to get into the queue for verification. After uploading the track all profiles that meet basic criteria are being verified within 24h 🙂

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