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Is there a way to get the embedded player to load faster?

@kate-mclaughlin Could you explain a bit more about "load faster"?

@infinity when I went to play #PlayGJART 's twitter playlist it took more than 15 seconds to load the player and then it wouldn't play. Then I went to my twitter profile to play a song and the same thing happened.

@kate-mclaughlin Thanks for the explanation. We will look into that!

@kate-mclaughlin Thanks for at least trying Kate :- )

This is something I've been experiencing as well. Both on the website and on Twitter. Takes quite a while for a song to start playing. The progress indicator for how long the track has been playing doesn't seem to update correctly either.

Had several people ask me if it's possible to make playlists of songs on the site as well. They want to make lists of their favorites.


Is the delay due to the way the blockchain works as it has to retrieve and verify everything before it can start playing?

I created a webpage with my songs and tested. Same as many have written that it is taking a lot of time to load and secondly .. during the testing on my machine it played, but upon hosting it is giving a message as "An embedded page at musicoin says that - The video audio not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported." Please help - I am using this url http://www.masterofsounds.com/

@tamilvendhank any updated on the the play list and album functionality?

@juxta Cheers!

@infinity I'm trying to build a website, which has a custom playlist and the embedded player. When the user selects a track from the playlist, we reload the player using that track. I'm facing multiple issues here:

  1. If i skip the song and select a new song, the player doesn't load.
  2. Lots of time i'm getting the error " POST https://musicoin.org/user/canPlay 500 (Internal Server Error)"
  3. Is there any way to get the playback progress or playback completed event from the music player ?

Please find the screenshot here. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Q7L7HhH32znrsaYdFVibDR4Hux5JjIFD

Does the listener have to be registered at musicoin to listen to the embedded song or does it work for everyone?

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