Embedded Player

A few questions about the embedded player:

  • Is it acceptable to build a playlist on a website by embedding multiple tracks?

  • Will the artists receive payment for plays from embeds on a website?

  • Is it possible to set an embed to autoplay?

  • What happens if someone skips a song and then tries to play the next one? At the moment the website asks you to wait for your next free play.

Thank you!

@juxta Where do we find the embedded player? we would like to put that on our website


@elephant-state Got to a song and click “Share” then you will see an “embed” tab.

@juxta There is a bug noted when putting multiple embeds on one page: Issue #375 When many embedded players are in same page, embedded player links are expired after one song is played. It was triggered by my page http://www.gjartmusic.com/listen Not sure if the guys have fixed it yet?


it’s a known flaw that we are going to fix and provide more flexible functions(e.g. a play list or full album, etc.) . @tamilvendhank is working on that.

@elephant-state if you go to the site of your track, you’ll find a “share” button in the top row below the searchbar and next to your name. A player pops up if you click it.
In the top row of that pop up you’ll find “embed”. Just click that and you’ll receive the code you need to embed it into your website.

@juxta, yes, embedded player code can be used to build a playlist. And, yes, for every play of song in our platform, generates $MUSIC. Regarding autoplay, yes it is possible. There is preview option, which is true by default. You have to change that to false.
For example:

<iframe id="embedded-player-preview-frame" src="https://musicoin.org/embedded-player/0x8f505c0909c2dbacf24b5c24833eb0eecb3ec504?embedded=true&autoQueue=true&preview=true"></iframe>

You can notice, preview=true in the above code. Just change the value to false & the song will start to play automatically. Like in the following,

<iframe id="embedded-player-preview-frame" src="https://musicoin.org/embedded-player/0x8f505c0909c2dbacf24b5c24833eb0eecb3ec504?embedded=true&autoQueue=true&preview=false"></iframe>

Please do this manually for now. We will update to make that automatic for users from User Interface. Another thing that I like to inform you is, if you are going to share multiple songs in same page with preview=false, all of the songs will began to play at once 🙂

Finally, regarding What happens if someone skips a song and then tries to play the next one? At the moment the website asks you to wait for your next free play., this something that needs more discussion with the team. I am sure that @im & the team will discuss about this & setup a proper resolution.

Rock it 🙂


thank you for the detailed response.

Is there a way to get the embedded player to load faster?

@kate-mclaughlin Could you explain a bit more about “load faster”?

@infinity when I went to play #PlayGJART 's twitter playlist it took more than 15 seconds to load the player and then it wouldn’t play. Then I went to my twitter profile to play a song and the same thing happened.

@kate-mclaughlin Thanks for the explanation. We will look into that!

@kate-mclaughlin Thanks for at least trying Kate :- )

This is something I’ve been experiencing as well. Both on the website and on Twitter. Takes quite a while for a song to start playing. The progress indicator for how long the track has been playing doesn’t seem to update correctly either.

Had several people ask me if it’s possible to make playlists of songs on the site as well. They want to make lists of their favorites.


Is the delay due to the way the blockchain works as it has to retrieve and verify everything before it can start playing?

I created a webpage with my songs and tested. Same as many have written that it is taking a lot of time to load and secondly … during the testing on my machine it played, but upon hosting it is giving a message as “An embedded page at musicoin says that - The video audio not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.” Please help - I am using this url http://www.masterofsounds.com/

@tamilvendhank any updated on the the play list and album functionality?

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