Can we edit tags and genres after upload?

I think it would be useful to be able to edit the tags and genres we’ve put on songs after having uploaded tracks.

yes, you can.
you go to - click on “options”, and then “edit license”

Fab - that sounded like it was going to be how to tinker with the financial part! Thanks 🙂

Hi, when I go to edit license, I can edit genres but I can’t see tags anywhere? Any advice?

Tags don’t appear to be part of the license data. They cannot be edited while editing the License. They seem to be held in another part of the track metadata that it not exposed for editing once the track is published.

If there isn’t a feature request in the GitHub someone should make one. I’m not in there myself… yet anyway.

Thanks for the reply. Shame really, as it seems I may have to take all my tracks down now to fix them. Oh well, my fault I guess…

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