What is the distribution button for?


Hi Ronald, it’s to distribute coins you’ve earned (because of a listener hitting the play button on one of your tracks) to your wallet (the wallet that shows in your profile)… So you’d probably want push that button ‘distribute’ 😉

Site developers: may I ask why it’s necessary to ask the creator to distribute to his/her wallet? That’s where we all want the coins to go i suppose? Or can we do something else with them apart from distributing? 😉

Mar T.

You only see the distribute button, when someone gave you a tip and its used to distribute the tipped mc with the same shares (eg. voclist 30%, Guitarist 30%, drummer 30% and producer 10%) as the song it was tipped to.
This means you actually transfer musicoin to other wallets/artists. Transfering musicoins from your account to any other account should of course ask for your permission.

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman Aaah I understand why I didn’t see this button you talked about guys, because I didn’t receive any tip yet hihihi

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