Listeners with magic ears/ rent a song with musicoin

Nowadays, for listeners, streaming music is free. For most of listeners like me, I think it is pretty fair and excellent. How about some ‘KEY Listeners’, those who are good at digging a treasure and promoting the song? Could we get KEY Listeners more involved?

Like, Renting a song with musicoin. KEY Listeners could rent a song through smart contract using musicoin. E.g. a key listener may think a new song is really good but no one discover it before, it is buried in the deep. He can rent the song a year using 400 $music to have 40% profit sharing.

For singer, a singer may get 2 hits per day. After the deal, the singer can get 400 $music instantly and the key listener would strongly promote to the public. Maybe singer can get 20 hits per day after the help.

For key listener, key listener can put more effort on digging new songs and finding the future star. Listening is also making some money. It may have more fun here. Helping the singer is helping himself as well.

For musicoin, someone would buy musicoin based on sharism. Everyone gets their win through sharing.

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I like this idea… Idk about renting for 400MC for a year but I see the vision in this

Yeah, I am not sure about the exact number either! I think singer and key listener can negotiate with the deal together.

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Please go to and tell me do you see - Musicians get paid without intermediaries. ☺

@Ivan You have a sharp point! I like it!
Intermediary is hard to define, if we say so, the platform, Musicoin, is also an ‘intermediary’ too.

Although, there are still different.
Giant Record Companies rob too much from singers, like money, musical rights.
On the other side, musicoin is a fair one which protects singers well. And singers get paid well.
Singers have more right to decide whether they can do something in musicoin platform.

Thank you, Ivan, for letting me notice it! No offense for discussing this.

I guess it would bring on alot scam and bot plays…
I like the idea to pay promotion agencies with part of the income, so they actually only get paid, when they do a good job. This woudnt be an intermediate, since you dont need to book them! But still i doubt it would work.

Well it wouldn’t make sense though would it? There’s already professional and credible promotion agencies all over the place all the way as low as $5 USD, I understand the idea, to have the fan or another artist pay for the right to promote to get a cut, but it would be more profitable for the artist to promote themselves without the risk of a scam plus keep all the profit aside from the initial promotion fee.

Hey, I like the concept! 🙂 This is decentralized digital marketing that you talk about, hihihi! 🙂

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