Instant Buy Musicoin Option For Listeners

I feel like a crucial part of keeping this coin valuable long term is having an easy way for listeners to get access to musicoin to interact with the artists. This keeps the demand for musicoin high which is the main thing that will keep miners interested in supplying the UBI pool. Whether thats through tipping or potentially downloads, merchandise, or tickets that I heard are in the pipeline.

Most listeners are not going to want to go through the hassle of registering for exchanges directly and transferring Musicoin to their account to then interact with the Artists. Is there any way to implement a kind of “Instant Buy” feature on the website that connects to an exchange and does the conversion for the listener? Something like… listener has a linked debit card, clicks tip artist, selects fiat amount to tip, and then in the background gets converted to musicoin and delivered to the artist? Is this something possible with blockchain/the exchanges?


Hi Alex, I agree.

The real challenge here is to make all this simple, and easy to understand for a standard listener. It’s basically what made the success of platforms like spotify. You pay for a service, and that’s it, all the rest is like a standard music player everybody can deal with, with a few additional features.

When we’re talking about the blockchain and cryptos, the huge majority of people don’t even want to test, it’s too obscure. That’s why UX is central, and the whole paying process has to be flawless. It’s a big challenge for developpers. I believe a lot of great work has been done already on the popular streaming platforms, and the simplicity of the interface should be adopted on websites like this one. It’s really about looking around and make a synthesis of the best features. The playlists, with djs / curators… that’s a start.

As far as the money is concerned, the workflow for a standard non initiated listener should be super simple.
Credit card -> musicoins -> listen / tip / pay

Also, the access to the website should be easier. Players sometimes don’t work, speed is terrible. It’s beta, but those are really important to make the user feel confident.

To be followed!


I agree, instant buy musicoin option for listeners.
And playlister that ear and discover music for their public.

Hi guys, late to the conversation, but better late than never :). We’re working on Volareo, the musicoin smart speaker (
a) One of the plans is to ship each speaker with x amount of musicoin already built-in.
b) Having payment options like credit card linked, to easily buy additional musicoins is also on our roadmap
c) And making it easy for listeners to play, search, skip, discover, tip, pay via touch, tap, voice
I’d love to hear what you think of this. And any other comments?

@nick-nm-yap It’d be cool if after the profit comes in you make it in multiple sizes, maybe with more powerful built in amp for bigger sizes, and a set of desktop Production speakers for Musicoin artists for mixing/mastering.

@nick-nm-yap what about some kind of crypto-smart MUSICOIN - Volareo headphones with integrated cold wallet or something like that? 🙂 that would be good for marketing

@Hydro Indeed when the first speaker rolls out and is a hit, the plan indeed is to do a few more, bigger & and also smaller. The production speakers we hadn’t thought of, indeed awesome because it would benefit Musicoin artists - maybe this could even be before the next bigger/smaller since it helps artists create music into Musicoin.
@Danilo cold wallet is an interesting idea. Yes, good for marketing! The headphones would have to be connected to internet to stream from Musicoin, so would the cold wallet then have a physical switch that disconnects it from the rest of the headphones - so the headphones would stay online, while the wallet goes offline. Does that sound right? What other ways?
Supercool ideas!! Keep ‘em comin’ !! 🙂

@nicknmyap if you can put musicoin in speakers why not also in headphones 🙂 in that way they would be connected with users always not only through the speakers, and those with music from the platform … you just need to find some cool way to insert musicoin into the headphones and how to send a tip … maybe by snapping your fingers both hands near the headphones or something like that 😉

@danilo-jokovic LOL Alexa send a tip. And stop all that damn laughing, I’m tryin to listen to music.

Or some agreement with a service like Changelly ( would be a good improvement compared to having business with an exchange. Especially considering that of the two exchanges currently having musicoin, Bittrex is currently not accepting new subscriptions and that Cryptopia is tagged as scam all over the web.

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