Distribute button not working on one song

So it works on every track except one which has 67 coins pending, I click the button and nothing happens, help?

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I too am experiencing this issue. my song: The Grand Fabric, has 7 coins pending distribution and yet when I click the button to distribute them, nothing happens other than the green notification appearing saying “transaction sent”. It seems to be stuck in pending status regardless if I click the distribute button or not…

What does it mean, “MC pending” and then, the green, “Distribute”? What is supposed to happen when you click “distribute”? (These are some of the basic things there appears to be no ready explanation for and should be if you want ppl to get involved with this site, I don’t think I’m the only one that doesn’t want to go searching for every little thing/problem/info on every f*cking thing.)


distribute means that if when you uploaded the song you have put another musician too as composer the musicoins will be distributed between both of you depending on the percentage you entered 🙂


if you are the composer only and you press distribute then the musicoins will be added to your total

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